What Must We Do To Go To Heaven? What Does Jesus Say?

Is Jesus the Only Way?

Jesus said, we must be "Born Again" (My Video)

Jesus said, I am the Only Way (Link or Scripture)
Narrow Gate.
Explain by (Make a video and scripture).

Jesus said, I am the Truth and the Life (Link or Scripture)

Jesus said, He who believes in me shall never die (Scripture)

Other persons Video. How Can I be Saved? (Good)

You Must Be "Saved" and "Born Again"
How Do You Know For Sure You're SAVED?
The Truth About Salvation (This is link to "This Will SHock You)

Why Is Christianity the Correct Answer?

Explain the Difference between Christianity and the other ways, the other religions.
What make Christianity the right way to get to heaven.

Do VIdeo on this topic. and find other links and videos to add here...